Bonus Post ~My Handmade Bookmarks Notes~

Hi there,

So, here it is another Bonus Post 😀

I made another binder, this time for myself. I was feeling really girly as I made the inside of this one. But the truth about it?

Okay. I was having an argument with a person and I was really mad, so I sat at my table trying to shift my energy. I had an idea on what I wanted to do with this one, but because I wasn’t really present I just started stamping… Every stamped image here is a mistake, an error. I didn’t mask some of the already stamped images before applying a new one. This is just a big mess!

I was able to shift my energy as started the distressing process, it was just such a therapeutic process! When I finished I loved the colours, and the distressing look of it, so I just left it to dry overnight.

I only came back to it two days later, and I still loved the general look of it. So, I ignored a bit the stamping part, and even though Scott Adams said that “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” I decided that I’m going to keep this mistake of mine.

Here are some pics.

SAM_4673@ SAM_4679@ SAM_4684@ SAM_4688@ SAM_4689@


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In Love & Gratitude,

Denise, xx


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