Bonus Post ~My Handmade Bookmarks Notes Binder~ Update

You know what? I guess I don’t deal very well with my own mistakes. And I can’t have peace until I fix, mend, or in this case cover them up!

I already knew that this piece was a piece of crap, but I was in a rush and needed a place to organise my notes. I hate disorganisation and I’m a lazy perfectionist, meaning I like to get things well done at the first… Well, sometimes I try to accept my mistakes… Not for long!  I guess that I always end up with a solution instead of an acceptance for a bad thing… And the thing about paper craft is that there are no mistakes. A new layer of paper covers it all up!

I kept this mistake for the wrong reasons. Liking one part was never enough for me, and looking at the word bookmarks without the K… That was really killing me!

Anyway, I’m over it already! And with a new layer of paper, my binder not only have the missing letter in its place, as it is as I wanted it to be to begin with.





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As always,

In Love & Gratitude,

Denise, xx


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