Bonus Post ~Handmade Soap Notes Binder~

I’m really enjoying making my binders. This time I made one for my handmade soap notes… Not sure if one is enough though.

When I was gathering the materials I wanted to make the “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” bookmark, I was really struggling to find the image of a book that I wanted to use. So, I talked with a friend on the subject and she was a sweetheart when she sent me, all the way from The Nertherlands, the images that I used on this binder. My first idea was to see if I could use them on my bookmarks before buying these stamps. Well, I can’t because the images are too big for the bookmarks, nonetheless, I found a great way of using them.


SAM_4740@  SAM_4742@  SAM_4746@


SAM_4729@  SAM_4733@


I even made the dividers. I found this awesome tutorial on YouTube, and for someone like me who doesn’t own any file tab punch, this tutorial just opened the door to infinite possibilities, and I love that!

SAM_4768@  SAM_4773@

SAM_4777@  SAM_4779@


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In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


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