A7 notepad + reusable cover

I’m really excited about this tutorial, not only because I’m selling the end product, which is fantastic because I get to make more, but also because it’s reusable.


089@ 085@ 082@ 087@


If you want to use a A7 notepad, this size is great. You will need two pieces of chipboard that measures 11cm x 8cm, and one that measures 11cm x 1.5cm.



Then you need some sort of adhesive, I used the red double-sided tape in this case. Centre and adhere the chipboard on the cardstock.

003@ 006@


Cut a triangle on each corner. If you need, lift the corners toward to the top of the chipboard and crease it, so you have a kind of scored line to guide you on the bit to cut. I didn’t do that on this piece, but I did it to all the others I made and that made a huge difference.

008@ 009@


I then used a score tool to run along the edges of all chipboard pieces to help the folding. I was trying to avoid the paper to rip, but I made a (few) mistake (s) and didn’t allow enough space for the folding, and it ripped anyway.



At this point it seemed it wouldn’t rip…

012@ 014@


Use your bone folder to make a good crease, add adhesive, and use your scoring tool again to help creasing the cardstock.

016@ 018@


In this case I used a piece of a Design Series Paper called Watercolor Wonder, I just adore this paper, measuring 17.6cm x 11.8cm for the inside.



At this point I noticed the cardstock had ripped, so I cut a piece of the same paper measuring 11cm x 8cm, and used an edge punch to decorate the edges.

023@ 027@ 028@ 029@ 033@


Here is why this cover is reusable. This strip of paper measures 9.5cm x 2cm, score at 1cm and 8.4cm, add some Sticky Strip to the edges of the strip,

036@ 037@

and attach it to the cover.

039@ 040@

Then, when your notepad finishes you can just add a new one.


Right, but this doesn’t look too appealing to me, so let’s go one step further.


For that you need a piece o cardstock that measures 14.4cm x 7cm. Score it on the long side at 10.8cm and 11.9cm. Sam from the Pootles.co.uk has a great tutorial, where you can learn how to adapt this measurement to any notepad size if you need any more guidance.

047@ 050@


I sponged the edges with Spiced Marmalade ink to match the paper on the inside the cover.


I cut some more Watercolor Wonder paper, measuring 9.5cm x 6cm and stamped it with peeled paint.

053@ 056@


And still on the same paper, I punched out a couple of butterflies, but only used one.


Remember those left over bits from the corners? I adore these small punches, it doesn’t take much paper to make beautiful embellishments.



I also punched out a flower with the Petite Petals punch, and added a couple of gems. I had an accident with the paper on the inside, and had to replace it (two layers of paper inside doesn’t look good), and for some reason the punched edge also tore on the back… Oh well, these things happen.

075@ 072@ 071@

To make sure I has getting the right gap between the chipboard pieces I used this method. First I attached the middle piece, then I scored it and folded the cardstock. Then I lifted it as I joined the other piece to make sure it would sit nicely without pressure. The aim was to avoid the ripping thing.


For the other three I made, I used white cardstock, distressing inks and stamps. Decoration is just  a matter of taste, use your imagination and not even the sky is the limit.


070@ 066@ 065@

I use the same for the inside paper, and to decorate the notepad front cover, using Elegant Eggplant cardstock as my base.

089@ 088@ 087@


Again, using the Always Artichoke cardstock.

085@ 084@

And again, using the Night of Navy cardstock.

078@ 082@ 079@



If you would like to buy any of my creations the best thing you can do is to like the Facebook page, and keep an eye on the stuff I put there for sale. Each of my pieces are unique, I can’t copy even myself! But if what you are looking for are the materials from Stampin’ Up! then click on the Online Shop link below.


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In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


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