From Paris With Love

In my recent trip I got the opportunity to spend some time with my niece and nephew, and when my seven-year old niece learned that I would go to Paris she asked me if I would be seeing the Eiffel Tower, I told her I hoped so, but because my time in Paris would be so short I had no idea what would be possible, realistically speaking. So she made me a request, in case I saw the Eiffel Tower  if I could take a picture for her.


So, at the sight of the Eiffel Tower I started taking pictures, right there from the inside of the car,then we parked and took some more.

Back in London, I thought on how I would send her the picture. I could just send the digital picture to my sister, but that wouldn’t be fun! Well, that or I’m missing making scrapbook pages… Anyway, this project is not really a scrapbook page, but it’s not also a card…


So, I made a sketch with the result I wanted to achieve.

This was my first attempt.


When I finished the project above I asked myself, “What the heck is this?” then I looked at my sketch… Oh my my! Something was very wrong!

At first I couldn’t help but laugh. It was then the time to ask questions, how on earth one thing had nothing to do with the other? And the answers came.

1) For some reason I decided to limit the project to a A5 size.

2) When I printed out the words, I was probably thinking on a 12×12 layout because the size of those letters are far too big for what I had in mind in first place.

3) Instead of stopping, I just went ahead improvising with what I had in my hands… So me lately…


Anyway, I liked my sketch better, and for that reason I removed the size limitation, and decided to have a go without that limitation to see where it would take me. Maintaining the key things I wanted to see on the end result. I still had to skip substituting the letter ‘a’ in the word ‘Paris’ for the stamped image of the tower, instead I added the image after the word.

I was using Night of Navy, from the Regals collection, and  Marina Mist, from the subtles. Without the size restriction I used the entire width of the A4 sheet, meaning I was not able to add a mat with the Night of Navy because I ran out of 12×12 sheets of cardstock, and the A4 I have left are no good in this case.

Still, I prefer the second attempt. Even though I almost had the desire of making a third attempt as this layout is too ‘clean’, no tore paper, not much distressing…

Excuse the picture, but the layout is too big for my DIY photo studio box, and if the camera wasn’t so close the cardboard on the sides would be on show.



Some details.

057@ 078@


The pocket for the tags.

051@ 054@


For the little tags, I heat embossed first, then I distressed them. And some Stickles to add a bit of sparkling to the heart.

049@ 064@ 081@

Now I’m going to post both of the projects to my niece, and hope she likes at least one of them.

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Feel free to pin, like, share, tweak, adapt, be inspired, or just contact me if there is anything I can help with.

In Love & Gratitude,

Denise, xx<


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