Toilet Paper Roll Book ~Lessons in Life from Dr. Seuss~ [Sheet 2]

Sheet 2 and insert page.

078@ 081@


I started this layer by distressing it with Tea Dye distress ink.

Page 2 (1)@


Walnut Stain to ink the edges.

Page 2 (7)@


Some Washi tape.

Page 2 (9)@


I then stamped the train, from one of my travelling stamp set, with Vintage Photo distress ink.

Page 2 (11)@


And used the same ink to distress around the page, using it more heavily in some parts.

Page 2 (14)@


Page assembled.



I started here by stamping the music sheet on the opposite corners from the It Is Written stamp Set (By Bo Bunny), with Broken China, but I didn’t like the result for what I had in mind,

Page 2 (29)@


So, I saved this paper for the reverse, and used Pearlescent Sky Blue instead, then used the shooting star trail from the Work of Art stamp set, stamped with also a Sky Blue, this time from Vivid. I haven’t used these Vivid ink pads in years and I think they no longer even exist.

Page 2 (30)@


It was time to distress, and I did it with Tumbled Glass.

Page 2 (32)@


Used the same ink to stamp the same shooting star trail on top of my quote.

Page 2 (34)@


Then used Chipped Sapphire to ink the edges, going heavily on the opposite corners.

Page 2 (35)@


It was time to use the stars mask, that comes in a pack with the hearts mask that I used on the previous page.

Page 2 (38)@


I didn’t do a great job…

Page 2 (40)@


So, I got the gel pen out and tried to fix it.

Page 2 (41)@


And it doesn’t look so bad.



With another stamp from the Work of Art stamp set I stamped randomly on top of the other layers I had stamped before, and on the corners, with the It Is Written stamp Set (By Bo Bunny)

Page 2 (44)@


Some Tumbled Glass to distress,

Page 2 (47)@


and Chipped Sapphire for the edges.

Page 2 (49)@


Still from the Work of Art stamp set, I stamped the sentence three times on the diagonal, plus two times in a faded way on the two other corners.

Page 2 (50)@


Then I used the star mask again to spray some Vanilla Shimmer.

Page 2 (52)@


Shame that the shimmer doesn’t show on the picture… I need a better camera.



For the other side, I started by distressing my cardstock with the same Tea Dye distress ink I used on the other side, and Vintage Photo to transfer the image from that stencil.

Page 2 (18)@


I then used some stamps from the same travelling stamp set I used before, and also the same Vintage Photo distress ink.  For the compass I used Brushed Corduroy. And more Vintage Photo for the edges.

Page 2 (20)@


Page assembled.



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