Reshuffling My Craft Corner

Who would say that the simple act of changing rooms with my daughter would turn my life upside down? When we moved in to this house I gave the master bedroom to my daughter, just because she was a teenager and I an idiot! But that was kind of okay… Now things changed. For that reason I needed more space, and a different environment… If you know what I mean… As my friend says, as we were cleaning the room we were ready to have “hybrid bugs”  jumping at us at any moment!… Luckily that didn’t happen. Whew!

Anyway, it was a lot of work and time-consuming. Washing the carpet had to be done in two goes, and by having things dragged from one place to another.



My mess spread all over the place. I swear, I don’t want to buy any more craft stuff… Until everything is in place again 😀

SAM_6633@ SAM_6636@ SAM_6637@


My clear stamps… Really?! Do I need all of this? Shh, shh don’t answer please, of course I do! It was a rhetorical question.



With this, I won the tall cupboard, that is already full of paper, but not yet ready for more pictures. Yeah, no more piling up paper!

SAM_6640@ SAM_6641@


At some point the general picture was quite scaring!



Slowly, things getting done.

SAM_6643@ SAM_6653@


Some paper organisation. Some… On the black drawers computer paper, and the other unit has “some” cardstock. Of course that is  not all the cardstock I have… I wish!

SAM_6655@ SAM_6657@


Between cleaning, tidying, and organising I still have to find the time to decorate my cheap storage options.

017@ 027@ SAM_6697@


Not everything is ready yet, so when I manage to have everything sorted out I’ll make another post… I think. Or maybe not.


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In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


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