Autumn Blast ~ Journal

The weather changed here in the UK, and although some call it Autumn, to me, a Sun lover, it feels like Winter already.

It seems that the wind blew the Autumn to my craft table, spreading all it’s colours on my project.



This was my second attempt, that’s the reason in this pictures you don’t see the embossed words.

SAM_7368@ SAM_7372@ SAM_7375@


This was my first attempt. I embossed the words first as I thought I would be spraying the colour. Things didn’t go very well with the spray bottle…



I also covered the rest of the stencil, because again, I thought I would be spraying…



Instead, I pulled out the homemade texture paste, and spooned a bit into my craft table. Then I added some color.

SAM_7362@ SAM_7377@


I threw some Aged Mahogany on the background,



and moved on to the title.

SAM_7388@ SAM_7392@ SAM_7398@


Then I made a huge mistake, I attached the title to my background, but decided to apply some crackle paint on it to get a cool effect. If you do this, only attach your piece after the crackle paint is dry, as the paper will shrink a bit. I then had to ‘massage’ the paper to get it straight.

SAM_7401@ SAM_7410@


More crackle paint on my leaves, that I later added Aged Mahogany distress paint here and there.

SAM_7404@ SAM_7405@


 The close up.

SAM_7418@ SAM_7419@ SAM_7420@ SAM_7422@


And the final result. 



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In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


2 thoughts on “Autumn Blast ~ Journal

  1. Lovely colours, the birdcage is very well done! I also love the crackled effect. Glad to read you were able to smooth it out, and a good tip for when I try out my crackle paint – I did so once but it didn’t crackle that much, guess I didn’t use it the right way.


  2. Thank you Debbie.
    I think the thing with the crackle paint is the thickness of the layer, the thicker the layer is the better it cracks. Some of the leaves didn’t crack very well because they had a thinner layer.
    Also, we need to let it dry naturally until it cracks, only then you can, if you want to, apply the heat gun to accelerate the drying time.

    So, crackle paint, glitter and such are things I apply and let the set all night. Xx


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