Scrapbook ~ Album Cover

Today I am working on a cover for a scrapbook album.

Call me crazy and I am fine with that, but I like fancy things. So, as I couldn’t find a way that I liked to store my scrapbook pages, I made my own system.

This cover is 13.5″ x 12″ as are all my scrapbook pages. The reason for that, is so I can make 12×12 layouts, then bind them together in a book.


Scrapbook Album Cover@

I started my first layer with my printed text and scattered straw distress ink. Then I applied the brushed corduroy.

SAM_7475@ SAM_7477@


Used the distressing tool around the page, and moved to the layer of vintage photo ink.

SAM_7479@ SAM_7481@


And finished with black soot.

SAM_7485@ SAM_7486@


On the left hand side I used a stamp called ‘A little bit magical’, and for the right hand side the ‘Paris to London’ stamp set.

SAM_7491@ SAM_7492@ SAM_7497@


For the second layer I used the same distressing process but with blues.

SAM_7510@ SAM_7511@


Here I used this stamp on the opposite corners.

SAM_7513@ SAM_7515@


It was time to pull the Bo Bunny stamp sets.






And again.



For the last layer I used a stamp by Designs by Ryn. Heat embossed it,

SAM_7459@ SAM_7465@


and then used chipped sapphire and black soot for the edges.



I used some corrugated paper under the torn paper, but didn’t like it. So I removed the corrugated paper and used some faded jeans ink to cover up the mess… Much better now.

SAM_7525@ Scrapbook Album Cover@


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Feel free to pin, like, share, tweak, adapt, be inspired, or just contact me if there is anything I can help with.

In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


P.S I entered this piece into the Designs by Ryn October Customer Creation and won!

Make sure to check Ryn’s blog and online store.


8 thoughts on “Scrapbook ~ Album Cover

    • Congratulations! And with Ryn’s challenges you’re always on time, for now it’s still always anything goes, and when the current challenge ends the next one opens. I’m happy you won, feels a bit like winning myself too ;).


        • Indeed! Or to craft together.
          (I’m picturing myself now for a crafty evening at your place – paking 3 crates with supplies and then at the last moment put some stuff (and some more stuff) into a shopping bag…
          Yup, I got plenty of toys, I think. (But can one ever have enough stamps?)


  1. LOL imagining the scene!
    (But can one ever have enough stamps?) No way! And if someone says the other way around we need to stop talking to them (where did I read this?!) We shouldn’t listen to negative people lol


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