First Home ~ Scrapbook Page

I was over the moon for winning the Designs by Ryn’s October Customer Creation Challenge, and even more thrilled when I received my wonderful prize, that arrived in London from Canada at a lightning speed!

When Ryn told me which one she would be sending me, my brain couldn’t stop imagining the result for this particular page I was working on. So, the next obvious step is to enter this project in the November Customer Creation Challenge.


Here is the layout ready. I used a photo editor to delete the data on the address sign for obvious reasons.


I started by distressing the background.



Then I used my new Floral Spirals stencil (by Designs by Ryn) and a wall stencil, with the homemade texture paste.



I forgot to take more pictures, but the image speaks for itself. I used another stencil called ‘Spots’ and the gate and lamp-post are die-cuts.



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Feel free to pin, like, share, tweak, adapt, be inspired, or just contact me if there is anything I can help with.

In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


7 thoughts on “First Home ~ Scrapbook Page

  1. Hey Denise, so neat to see what you ended up making 🙂 I wasn’t expecting to see something so fast! The paste looks just great with the stencil. You seem to have captured all of the little details. Thanks for sharing this one!!! All my best,

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  2. Cara Denise
    O meu inglês anda muito “em baixo” de forma e geralmente tenho dificuldade em compreender tudo bem. Recebeste um prémio, foi? Gostei muito do teu trabalho que me pareceu um post, ou será um quadro?
    tenho pena de não ter entendido completamente, mas um dia ainda vou ver uma Exposição tua!
    Bjs. Bombom


    • Ola Bombom,
      Sim ganhei a mascara (a’ falta de melhor termo, neste momento nao consigo traduzir a palavra e o tradutor do Google nao quer ajudar) na terceira foto, do lado direito, tem esse stencil para fazer os caracois. Neste caso eu usei uma pasta feita em casa. A pasta para dar textura quando feita em casa tem o mesmo efeito das compradas mas um custo fenomenalmente mais barato.

      Este projecto e’ uma pagina do album do meu filho.



    • I’ve been crazy busy with acquiring new knowledges and making some experiments on the health side… And I have a feeling that I will have to watch some tutorials on that program before I attempt to use it. I hope it’s really easy to use lol
      Thanks for the tip. Xx


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