Christmas Tags

So here are the Christmas tags to add to my kids xmas gifts (my kids includes my niece and nephews).

And now the only thing I need to do xmas related are the cards… If people knew how I really feel about christmas…







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In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


5 thoughts on “Christmas Tags

  1. LOL Flo do you really want to know? I’ll give you an idea then.
    Do you know the people who love Christmas? The ones that are really, really crazy about everything xmas?
    Well, I’m on the other side of the spectrum. I see Christmas for what it is. The hypocrisy, where people have to suppress their feelings in order to be with other people, out of obligation, to celebrate a stolen Pagan tradition, among many others, in order to impose a new man made up religion… (yes, it wasn’t only man made, it was also made up lol. I think I’m inventing new vocabulary for the English language).
    Why do you think Christmas is such a challenging season for so many people?
    Not to mention the advertisement/commercial brainwash that goes with the season… People buying gifts with money they don’t have, to please people they don’t even like/care, but hey! It’s Christmas!…
    I guess that by now you already know how I feel about xmas 😉

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