Season’s Greetings ~ Postcard

I had to put an end to my battle over Christmas and just get on with it so to stop the season cards procrastination. As the theme for this project was Christmas and Happy New Year wishes, I pulled my relevant stamp sets out, rolled my sleeves up, and I came up with these Postcards.



I started with the postmarks2stamp stamp set (from TSOL),



then I used the Happy New Year inside stamp, from the same stamp set, combined with gold ink.

SAM_8171@ SAM_8176@


Made the stamps.

SAM_8178@ SAM_8181@


Here I used the lines2journal stamp set (from TSOL).



And here, the calendar2build #2 (from TSOL).



And this side was done.



For the reverse side, after distressing my pieces of cardstock, I used the fancy scissors to make a nice edge. 



Those were the stamps selected from the stamp sets I had, they are all from the TSOL. You can look here for the names.



I added the heat embossed snowflakes. 



And attached those pieces into the back of the postcard. Voilà! it’s done. Merry Christmas to the people who celebrate this season.



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In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


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