Crystal Love ~ Crystal Eggs Storage Box

I’m entering this project in the Designs by Ryn’s December Customer Creation Challenge.


It was 4 am when I finished my last panel, but I couldn’t sleep if I haven’t finished them. So today I only had to glue them down and take the pictures.

My babies needed a proper home, and this was my way to honor them. 

IMG_0456@ IMG_0484@


This was how I started. An empty chocolate box, and some toilet paper rolls. I love the colour of this box, it’s just perfect to work with my forever favourite distress ink combination; seedless preserves and dusty concord, that goes wonderfully with milled lavender and shaded lilac.



I applied a layer of gesso first, then I used two layers of acrylic paint.

IMG_0279@ IMG_0391@


For the cover I used milled lavender and shaded lilac distress inks, then seedless preserves with the stencil. This was my second attempt so I got some unwanted marks from the stencil, but I also knew that all would be well at the end…

IMG_0413@ IMG_0412@


Heat embossed the “title” with white detail embossing powder.



Here I used a stamp set from Fiskars called ‘It’s all in the details’.



Since I thought about this project for the first time I knew I had to use the ‘Sea Bubbles’ stamp set by Designs by Ryn.

IMG_0424@ IMG_0433@


To finish I used the Tim Holtz Paper Distresser on the edges.



Time to work on the panels. Again, I used the ‘Sea Bubbles’ stamp set, this time I heat embossed the two opposite corners of each panel.

IMG_0396@ IMG_0398@


This stamp set is from Fiskars and it’s called ‘For the Birds’.



This is from Inkadinkado, and I can’t find any name… The number is 99120. I also used the number 99550 but forgot to take a picture.



Here I used the ‘For the Birds’ stamp set again.



And this one is from Stampin’ Up!, it’s called ‘World of Dreams’.



I used this stamp set for three of the panels, this one is from TPC Studio and it’s called ‘Playful Expressions’.



Now the ‘Sea Bubbles’ really pop! I love it! Don’t you love when what you have envisioned comes to life just the way you wanted?

IMG_0449@ IMG_0452@


Closed box.

IMG_0456@ IMG_0458@


Opened box 😉

IMG_0482@ IMG_0484@


The sides.  I made a boo boo, can you spot it?

IMG_0463@ IMG_0465@

IMG_0467@ IMG_0470@

IMG_0472@ IMG_0474@

IMG_0475@ IMG_0478@


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In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


11 thoughts on “Crystal Love ~ Crystal Eggs Storage Box

  1. Lovely box, looks like a fun project and indeed a good colour combination.
    II think I spotted the boohoo – it’s in the corners. Can understand how you felt after discovering it. Wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t pointed it out!
    The white embossing looks great!


  2. Hey Denise, love your little treasure box! You did a beautiful job with it! great attention to detail and colour combo! Hope you are having a good holiday season 🙂 Hugs!


  3. I love this!! Seriously makes me want to get my creative arts and crafts juices flowing… Just started investigating the yoni egg, I shall keep you updated! I wanted to know what it was in my blog that triggered your comment (the cramps I wrote of were actually quite mild) – thank you for sharing the links, I really appreciate the info. Absolutely love your creativity and am going to enjoy perusing your blog 🙂


    • Hi Anais,
      How lovely it is to see you here 🙂
      I absolutely love your writing, maybe because you have the courage to address something that is not heard in such an open way. You are such an amazing writer, so when you share your pain it becomes mine, I can’t help it. (Maybe is my emphatic feature that makes me feel your words this way… But is not every writer that has this ability.)

      Society made it in a way that we are not even allowed to listen to our bodies and follow our intuition on how to act about it. Our menstrual cycle is sacred and in an ideal world we would be able to nurture our body in a special way on that time. Many women don’t have that privilege anymore, so we suppress the pain in the most variable ways, to the point that we start hating our bodies and that is passed from generation to generation… Anyway, I’m tired of pain and suffering, we are meant to thrive and the time for that is now. So if I can share something with you that will help transmuting the pain, trauma (and even karma 😉 ), from woman to woman, I will!
      I am just starting to learn how important and sacred our womb is and what’s stored in there.

      Glad you found some inspiration from me, I saw some of your paints on your blog and you are an amazing artist in so many ways.

      Looking forward to hear your experiences with these amazing beings, xx


    • Yesterday when I replied to you I believed in every single word I wrote.
      Then, as I lay in bed to sleep, while trying to clear my thoughts, my monkey mind jumped into your question, “I wanted to know what it was in my blog that triggered your comment”, followed by a catapult of images that unfolded in my mind like a film, and with it a layer of forgetfulness was lifted.

      I was fifteen again, my period used to arrived in the early hours of the morning. I used to wake up around 4 am, in pain and discomfort. The trip to the bathroom was short. I used to put the pad on my knickers while weeing. Next thing I knew I was being carried to my bed, usually by my brother that at the time was the first one getting up to get ready for work, around 7 am.

      He used to find me on the toilet floor, white like snow, cold like ice and shivering in cold sweats. The blackout was so violent that many times I didn’t even had time to pull my pants up.
      He used to put me on my bed with a pile of pillows on my feet, so the blood could flow again.
      It used to be really embarrassing for me being found like that month after month, by my brother…

      Sometimes I had to miss school on that first day of my period, others I had to suck it up and get going, with or without pain.

      My mother got me some pills, at the beginning I used to take one every couple of hours, but my body quickly adapted to the pills and at some point I was taking six pills every hour.
      A friend told me about someone that took the contraceptive pill to manage the pain, I talked with my mother about that. She told me off straight away, for her me being on a contraceptive pill would mean license to have sex without the worry of getting pregnant. I tried to explain, she didn’t want to listen. Her response not only hurt me, but enraged in a way I can’t describe, all I wanted was to stop the pain and the shame of being found like that every month, but she couldn’t trust me…

      Thank you for mirroring my own torture. This pain and shame was so deep buried that I didn’t recognise it when I read your words, nor when I replied to you in the first time.


      • Denise, your response has really moved me. I am in awe at what has happened here for you. Your awareness and ability to open to these memories, to allow this trauma to be mirrored to you and to experience it, has absolutely inspired me. I am so grateful that you have shared this with me. I feel this is very significant. Would you do me the honour of allowing me to publish this on my blog? Please feel free to e-mail me at Much love, respect, and solidarity from me. Love, Anais


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