A box full of hair

Wow, we are already in the middle of January, talk about a quantum acceleration…

Let me start by telling you what you can’t expect from me this year. You cannot expect a weekly post, not even close to that. I don’t know yet what I’m gonna do with this space, but posting here is not a priority for me this year. I’m working on some other projects that take too much time.

I’ll still be crafting, this is one of my hobbies, and my son loves to sit with his albums, so I’m doing this for both of us. It’s a wonderful way to bond and spend quality time with him. He always amazes me with the things he can remember that I’ve long forgotten.

Now, the project. I needed a box to store both my husband’s and my son’s hair. And I wanted to keep both generations in the same box. This box is not yet permanent, but hey, it took me ten years to make a box to store my husband’s plait…

Oh, and I’m still entering this project in the Designs by Ryn’s January Customer Creation Challenge.

Here is the box I decorated for now. 


I have no idea how this box ended up in my home, but no one liked the content. I dumped it in the bin so I could use the box.

SAM_7570@ SAM_7573@

After applying one (or two?) layers of gesso, I used the scoring tool to add the wood effects on all sides. Then, I could swear I had pictures of the box painted… I didn’t like it, and this project stayed in “the drying rack” until last night.

SAM_7582@ SAM_7584@

Instead of working directly on the box’s surface I prefered the panels method. So here I started with a layer of Scattered Straw distress ink, to then stamp the cracks (Cracks & Specks by Tim Holtz) with Brushed Corduroy.


I randomly stamped the panels using Vintage Photo and the Clockworks stamp set.


It was time to pull Gorgeous Grunge and Walnut Stain.


I wanted some texture, so I used the Floral Spirals (by Designs by Ryn) and the homemade texture past. On the places where the ink was still wet the colour transferred to the paste, giving it an amazing and unique look.


To finish I used Vintage Photo to ink the edges.


For the interior I used again Scattered Straw and Vintage Photo. The I used the pattern2love background stamp (by TSOL) combined with Vintage photo. I love the imperfect result.

IMG_0540@ IMG_0543@

I punched some circles and cut them to add to the corners, and as I was about to use the beer can things, I used Brushed Pewter distress stain to match them.

IMG_0546@ IMG_0547@

Inside the box, the white lines are the scored lines of the box that I didn’t distress… It’s all good.

IMG_0554@ IMG_0558@

I need to fix the closure. I’m using magnets but the box was already bended so after adding the layers of paper inside and outside I can’t get it to close… It was 3 am when I finished, so I didn’t really care. I can fix it later.

IMG_0564@ IMG_0560@IMG_0550@

In Love & Gratitude,
Denise, xx


3 thoughts on “A box full of hair

  1. Hey Denise, I hear you. Sometimes other things in life need to take priority. We only have so much energy and time. I hope you have a good coming year 🙂 Love that you created a box for your husband and son’s hair. Looks like they have really nice hair! Beautiful effect using Floral Spirals with the homemade paste too. Many thanks for posting to my challenge. Bye for now!


  2. Lovely box! I usually post in bursts, as I make more things then I blog. Our hobby is crafting, not blogging ;).
    Good luck on the closure, it can be a tricky thing with the added layers of paper, the glue/paint deforming it a bit, and the folds and cuts in the right places. I think I’d just put a book on top of it to keep it closed. Or a piece of string to tie it shut.
    Hmm I should keep an eye out for a cracks stamp, every time I see it I think this. It just a great texture effect. The colours are again lovely too!


    • Yes I’ve seen that you’ve posted a bunch of cards lol sorry that I didn’t stop by to say Hi, but life got crazy.

      “Our hobby is crafting, not blogging” Love it!
      The thing is, if I don’t do this one post at the time I will forget everything…

      About the closure, right now I have rubber bands to guide the box back to its position, I’ll see if it works because I fell in love with the box.

      I love these background stamps, they give us the freedom to create our own patterned paper 😉 Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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