Travel ~ Blue & White box

Another month, another project to enter the Designs by Ryn’s Customer Creation Challenge. Not on purpose though.

I have a pile of boxes to decorate, but this one was needed asap, so when we can’t sleep we craft, right?



I started by applying one layer of gesso on the edges of the box so I could cut the panels just a tiny bit shorter to let the white shine through them.



Cracks & Specks again, yes. This time with broken china distress ink.



Stamped the images with archival ink because I wasn’t sure if I would do any distressing.

IMG_0644@ IMG_0645@ IMG_0647@


This stamp was a big failure but in paper craft we don’t have failures, right? So I just stamped the letters on a separate piece of paper and then punched them out.

IMG_0651@ IMG_0653@ IMG_0655@


Here I used Water Droplets 2 (by Designs by Ryn).



I forgot to take a picture of the previous step where I used the Floral Spirals stencil (By Designs by Ryn), then I used the The Crafter’s Workshop Texturized Stencil, Black/ White, I guess this is the name, with the homemade texture paste.



Last step was to ink the edges with chipped sapphire distress ink.



This is the final result.

IMG_0666@ IMG_0667@ IMG_0669@

IMG_0670@ IMG_0671@



In Love & Gratitude,



3 thoughts on “Travel ~ Blue & White box

  1. Looks good! I’m enjoying decorating boxes as well – not that I have done many yet. I’ve done another tissue box in almost the same style as I did before, letting the kids paint the entire box first again. Recently I did some painting with them again, and we had some paint left over, so I grabbed some paintable stuff that was nearby – 2 boxes which are (mostly) a dark chocolate brown now. I’m not going to decorate those further, but it’s fun to paint big surfaces like that. (Not too big like rooms though, must be painted in half an hour :P)
    Your boxes inspire me and make me want to keep even more boxes (but what to do with them, haha!).
    The non-failure stamp + punched out letteres look great together!
    I like how the word Sunshine gives a different meaning to the droplets. Hot sun and some refreshing water!


    • Thanks Debbie 🙂
      What to do with them? I use them to store stuff. You’re braver than me because you actually paint in the box surface, I can’t do that so I cheat with the panels lol.
      You are creating delicious craft monsters! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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