Happiness is blue

A while ago Oprah and Deepak offered a free 21-day meditation, and at the time I felt like making notes because the offer was for a limited time only.

As I took the notes on my notepad, I made a mental note to make this book… I can’t keep track of time but I’m quite sure that was more than a year ago…

I’m not going to bother you with a step by step tutorial, instead I’m just sharing the finished project.

For this project I used some of my very favourites, so there is nothing new here.

2015-04-01 16.28.40@2015-04-01 21.46.58@  2015-04-01 16.30.41@ 2015-04-01 16.31.20@ 2015-04-01 16.32.07@


2 thoughts on “Happiness is blue

  1. Great idea, love it! Those Design by Ryn stamps in white embossing look so luxurious. This really looks like a fun project, maybe first make 1 page a day and then read 1 page a day ;). Although I think it’s easier to make several pages (or rather, backgrounds) in one go, especially when spray inks are involved. Hope you’re doing well!


    • Hi Debbie,
      I’m good thanks. The things about this was that whatever I did I had to do it 20 more times… So I would be insane if I tried to make different backgrounds on this particular project. I’ll be doing another one for the meditation that is going on now, and it will have to be the same process… Unless as you say you make one a day, otherwise it gets overwhelming. And in that case it would be more like making 21 different projects.
      BTW there is no spray inks involved on this one, just distressing ink and stencils. Xx

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