Cry me a river ~ Scrapbook Layout

I haven’t been doing much, so every time I get something done is a great accomplishment…

I just received (finally decided to buy) the ‘Water effects 2’ by Designs by Ryn, and it was just impossible not to play with it, and I’m entering it in the May Customer Creation Challenge.


As I was looking at the unmounted sheet I was just wondering, how fantastic would it be if Ryn had the stencils of these images? Like, all options available in one stencil. If you agree that this would be an amazing addition to Ryn’s products, or just a way to take these images to the next level, please let her know. Just imagine using the texture paste on those running drops…

I made some more pages but forgot to take the picture before gluing down my photos, so I only have one more to share with you.


In Love & Gratitude,



13 thoughts on “Cry me a river ~ Scrapbook Layout

    • Great pages, and love how you coloured those flowers! or was that ready made paper? I mean on the 2nd picture, the pink and yellow flowers. AS for stencils for medium – I did apply gloss gel to the raindrops on a tissuebox, it looks good πŸ™‚
      Ryn, the outer shape would be ok, as you’d have to use the stencil first for colour or paste, then stamp on top of the paste. Only challenge then is positioning the stamp properly.


      • Those flowers are patterned paper. The stamped images are the green ones. The other small flowers (and the butterflies) were punched out from the scraps.

        Looking forward to see that tissue-box πŸ˜€

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            • Yup, I’ve seen it, it’s quite easy. They don’t boil the stuff though, doesn’t that influence how long it will stay good before it gets moldy?
              The next step is to thicken the ink somehow, to make it more suitable for stamping. The ink I have now is more like coloured water, so don’t think it will be any good for stamping.


              • Maybe that’s where the gum comes in, but I’m not going to experiment with that just yet… It’s on the to do list…
                In that video they say the salt is the preservative and that the documents were still readable after many years, 100 years or so (maybe I saw that on another video…).

                Have you seen the new Tim Holtz DIY ink pads? After finding a nice colour and a good consistency, those cases will come very handy πŸ˜€ but I can’t think much about that now.

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  1. Hey Denise, it would be cool! I’m not sure how I’d get the detail to work as a stencil… The drops would look a lot more stylized and less realistic I think. The realism comes from a bunch of tiny points that make up the shading… I’ll have to think on it. Thanks for the idea πŸ™‚ So happy you’re enjoying them! I’m going to ask everyone on facebook how they store their stamps. Hopefully we’ll get a bunch of good ideas. Xo


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