You Are The Key To My Heart ~ Birthday Card

It might not seem but this is a birthday card, birthday wishes inside. Letting someone know how much you love them is a great birthday present, in my opinion.

It’s been awhile since my last post, and that is not because I haven’t been crafting. I have… Somewhat… But nothing worthy of being shared. Or, might just be not having what it takes to take step by step pictures to make a blog post… Just know that I haven’t abandoned this space yet.

Ā 003@

In Love & Gratitude,



6 thoughts on “You Are The Key To My Heart ~ Birthday Card

  1. You are the key to my… piece of birthday cake? Great card, I got the sizzix die too but hardly use it. If I use dies it’s mostly the thin ones.
    The summer pulls me away from the computer as well, having less time to craft and then even less time to spare for blogging. When the days shorten I’ll probably be more online again.
    Then again, we’ve got some plans we have to make (for rebuilding the house), so need to reserve time for that too.. just slowing down a bit with blogging. (Let’s see if I’ll end up having a posting spree tomorrow, as I often write things and then the next day I contradict myself.
    “I like quick and easy and fast cards”, so whad did I make? A card with lots of colouring and (therefor) not fast.
    Hope you’re enjoying the summer šŸ™‚


    • You made me laugh a couple of times with this comment.
      Contradiction also lives here… I’m kind of forcing myself to publish stuff (and have been pushed to do so…)
      Actually I hate making cards, that one is a A5…

      Summer and London don’t go in the same sentence… Right now is Autumn here… With fallen leaves and so… But I trust that you are having a nice summer šŸ™‚

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      • It’s been ok here, though I think the last few years May and June were the best months. July, if it IS warm, is too hot. And now since a few days it’s wasp season again – I don’t like them, to put it mildly. I flee inside and go eat my dinner alone there if they’re bothering me outside. Mornings are nice and cool now, and during the day it warms up a bit. (And here = near Maastricht, the Netherlands, so not a very different climate then Britain!)


        • Hahaha scrapbook is my favourite thing, so much so that I scrap all pictures… That’s why it takes me ages to get my albums ready, but then we have time.
          Now, cards? I have no idea what to do with them.

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