Moments with you ~ Scrapbook layout

The title looks really bad… But that’s what happens when you are trying to make use of the leftover letters… Oh well. Not even I can look at it twice…


Update (I was forced to admit that I need to stop being lazy and list the materials used)

Materials used:

  • Tim Holtz Postage Stamp Frame die-cut
  • Paris to London stamp set by Tim Holtz
  • Hot4balloons stamp set by TSOL
  • Chipboard letters (leftovers)
  • Vintage stamp set by Crelando
  • Clockwork stencil by Tim Holtz
  • Ledger stencil by The Crafters Workshop
  • Scattered Straw, Vintage Photo, Gathered Twigs, and Walnut Stain distress inks by Tim Holtz (obviously)


In Love & Gratitude,



4 thoughts on “Moments with you ~ Scrapbook layout

  1. Title is good – I imagine a cute cuddlly picture of a mom and her child, both immersed in the play. I like the steampunk / Leonardo da Vinci feel to it, and like the balloons. I still don’t have a steampunk airship / balloon stamp set. (At least I think I don’t, I know I’ve been doubting about buying some and have tossed them out of my shoppingcart in favour of something else, might have decided one day I did want it now and then stored them and forgot about them. Hmm.Sounds terrible, forgetting what stamps I have…Maybe I should buy less. (Point is, when there’s not enought time to really craft, or I’m out of mojo or am too tired, I go online a bit and before I know it I order things… seems the less I craft the more I buy as I WANT to craft and imagine so many possibilities with the things I see! (As I have done with all the other things I bought, I’m sure).
    Goodnight for now,


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