One month apart ~ Scrapbook layout

This is when ugly patterned paper meets ugly stickers… You know when you find things you bought years ago, and look at them and think ‘What the heck is going on here?’ Yep… I have a bunch of ugly paper to get rid of, not to mention the quantity of stickers I bought before even knowing what a stamp was… 



That moment when you are glad that the pattern is not on show when you are layering paper 😀


In Love & Gratitude,



2 thoughts on “One month apart ~ Scrapbook layout

  1. I know what you mean about this – I’ve got plenty of items of which I think: What to do with them? Mostly embellishments and scrapbook/patterned paper. Stickers too, yes. You did manage to blend them in though, I alwasy feel the stickers are too contrasting to the “real” artwork. But I’ve got young children who will like them…


  2. Good news is that I have so many layouts to make that that way I don’t get bored, at the same time I stretch my imagination while putting those ugly things to use :D.
    Yeah, I no longer like stickers but they can still make the kids layouts. I wish my kid would want to play with them (so I could have an excuse to get rid of them – Give them to them 😉 )


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