2016 Planner Covers ~ Part 1

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

2015 was a hell of a year for me, and not in a good way… So let’s see what 2016 will bring.

Last year around this time I started working on a personal planner as a business project,  but life decided to snatch it away from me, and only in December, I could return to it. It’s a beta test at this point and will be for the entire year.

Apart from that, craft wise, I wasn’t t too active last year and what you saw on the blog was pretty much what I did, with the exception of one or two scrapbook layouts that I didn’t find it worth of sharing. But I’m all over the place and you can also find me here, here, here and here.

So, today I’m sharing some of the covers for my planner. Because at this point I’m the only one using this planner and it is still in a test phase when I printed out the covers I forgot to remove the line of my table… With the exception of February… Guess what? I messed up the February cover and had to start all over again, that’s why that is the only one that doesn’t have the box highlighted. Oh, and I still need to add the tabs…

This is the cover for the planner itself, I might change it for I Am Creating… 2017?, not sure yet.

For this one, I used milled lavender and wilted violet distress ink (by Tim Holtz), and swirls2build stamp set (by TSOL)

(0) I AM Manifesting 2016@


For January, I used tumbled glass and blueprint sketch distress ink (by Tim Holtz), Elegant Eggplant Ink (by Stampin’ Up!) and Flowering Flourishes stamp set (by Stampin’ Up!)

(01) January@


For February, I used victorian velvet and aged mahogany distress ink (by Tim Holtz), Seasonally Scattered stamp set (by Stampin’ Up!) and Celtic Heart (CM-C8 by Designs by Ryn)

(02) February@


For March, I used spun sugar and picked raspberry distress ink (by Tim Holtz) and Gorgeous Grunge stamp set (by Stampin’ Up!)

(03) March@


For April, I used dusty concord and seedless preserves distress ink (by Tim Holtz) and Sea Bubbles stamp set (CM-S15 by Designs by Ryn)

(04) April@


For May, I used shaded lilac and wilted violet distress ink (by Tim Holtz), Fine Feathers and Four Feathers stamp sets (by Stampin’ Up!)

(05) May@


And for June, I used mustard seed and fossilized amber distress ink (by Tim Holtz), and Work of Art stamp set (by Stampin’ Up!)

(06) June@

Because my photography skills didn’t improve much, and the weather around here has been on the dark side (for photography purposes) this time I decided to scan my work… Between a cheap scanner and bad lighting combined with poor photography skills… You choose wich one is worse, but I can assure you that they look much better in person. They actually look gorgeous 😀

By the way, am I the only one who hates the changes they make on stuff that is working just fine? Every time I need to make a new post everything has changed, which drives me crazy! Is like learning how to use the bloody thing all over again… Never mind my rant…

I’ll have to come back with more covers in another post. Until then, have a nice time.

In Love & Gratitude,


I entered this post on the Designs by Ryn January Customer Creation Challenge.


4 thoughts on “2016 Planner Covers ~ Part 1

  1. Olá Denise, minha cara Amiga. Não imaginava que 2015 tinha sido um ano para esqueceres, como nós dizemos por aqui. Pois que o mau tempo tenha passado e ficado em 2015.
    Que 2016 seja um ano mais calmo e sereno, em harmonia, com muita Saúde Amor e Paz. Com muitos projectos e realizações e os devidos sucessos. Que seja um ano abençoado!
    Tenho imensa pena que o meu “inglês” seja tão mau, pois não consigo entender tudo o que dizes.
    Gostei muito dos desenhos do “cover planner” e das cores que escolheste. Agora diz-me: planner é agenda? (capas de agenda)?
    És uma Artista e merecias mais divulgação dos teus trabalhos.
    Feliz 2016.
    Um grande abraço com muito apreço da Bombom


    • Hey Denise, sorry to hear that 2015 sucked for you. It was a lousy one for me too. Here’s hoping that 2016 brings many good experiences your way and lots of inspiration!!! ❤


    • Obrigada Bombom, foi de facto um ano para esquecer por isso este novo ano vai ter que ser inesquecivel no bom sentido para compensar 🙂
      Sim, planner e’ uma agenda, e sim, estas sao as divisoes para a minha agenda, que eu tencionava ter disponivel para venda este ano… Mas nao foi possivel testa-la o ano passado por isso vou faze-lo este ano, e se tudo correr bem, ou eu aprendo o que necessito para a transformar num produto comercial ou vou ter que encontrar um profissional que faca esse servico para mim.
      Beijinhos e um feliz 2016.


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