DIY Craft Recipes Book ~ Recycled coffee boxes

As I was working on a project to store some bulky stamps, not having a clue of what I was doing, I ended up wasting a bunch of gel medium… I was a bit pissed off and had to go on YouTube to find some DIY gel medium recipes because… Because I am me 😀

I found more than I’ve bargained for, and also found a DIY for gesso; clear, white and black! And of course, the texture paste that I use already.

With the new recipes, I needed a place to keep them. Cute, of course. This project came together very quickly, and now I already have some more books in the waiting list 😉

I love recycling everything I can, the first reason being respect for the planet. The second because I am cheap 😛  But then, I’ve learnt from an artist I used to follow that the only thing we need is a surface, gesso and some paint. With that, anything can be altered. Why buy cardstock if I can re-use what I have instead of throwing it away? This is me.


002@ 004@ 006@ 009@



001@ 006@


Yep! It works.

007@ 008@ 009@


1.Surface. 2.Gesso. 3. Paint.

010@ 013@


Stencils and stamps.

16@ 24@ 21@


More paint and washi tape.

27@ 29@



30@ 32@


Front cover.

36@ 37@


Back cover.






Closure & DONE!

44@ 48@ 002@


In Love & Gratitude,


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