Goal Setting ~ Handmade Book


Today I am bringing you another project that uses recycled cardstock. Someone ate the burgers (not me, I am vegetarian) and I got the box. And no, there is no contamination because the burgers come wrapped in plastic.

This was a project on a rush as I needed this journal ASAP, if you are into energy you know what the 11:11 portal means, especially this year…


Anyway, enough of my nonsense 😉 and on with the project.

 002 008


Because I knew that I would be using patterned paper I only gessoed the edges, then I applied one layer of black acrylic paint, another layer of gesso and one layer of brown acrylic paint. And of course, the pattern paper.

004 003 007


I had some leftover coffee dyed paper from another project that I am working on, so this was just the perfect way to use it 😀  I stamped each page with distress inks.



I’ve made 5 signatures, added one pocket on the first page of each with a tag for journaling, and “butterflies on a string” in each signature.

009 012 014 015 022 023 025 029 030 032 037 040 045

This was great fun to do and as I have so more boxes I am thinking of making some more to add to my Etsy store… After I finish the project that I am working on plus finishing also some handmade Christmas gifts… Bring on the time!


In Love & Gratitude,


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