My Goals ~ Handmade Journal

Hi, I’m on a roll πŸ˜€

I have been crafting a LOT and now I’m sharing some of the stuff with you, the other stuff I can only share after Christmas πŸ˜‰ get me?

Making journals is a new and amazing thing. Dyeing the paper, dry it in the oven, fold it, stamping … If you haven’t already you HAVE to try it!

I was given a camera to start making Youtube videos but I don’t yet have the right set up for it, so instead of a flip through video, I leave you with aΒ ton of pictures. Enjoy πŸ™‚

086033 036 041 043 046 047 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 058 059 060 061 063 064 065 066 068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075 076 077 079 080 082 089 090 101


I think that after this one you will hear from me only after Christmas. So have yourself a very Merry Christmas surrounded by your loved ones and filled with joy, peace and harmony.

In Love & Gratitude,


If you made it to here, please let me know if you too have these awesome notifications on your WordPress blog… It’s been like this for months, at the beginning, I thought it was my internet connection, now I no longer know…



2 thoughts on “My Goals ~ Handmade Journal

  1. The journal is gorgeous! I’m the lucky one to have received it! Lots of work has gone into this and the other gifts. I’m so thankful for it, it’s priceless. As for the wordpress notifications: I haven’t been on my own blog in ages.. but when I check now it shows stuff. Did you allready try in another browser?


    • Thank you Debbie, I am so pleased that you liked it πŸ™‚

      And also thank you for the feedback on the WordPress thing, didn’t occur to me that it could be the browser… But you’re right, it works properly on Mozilla… It’s a google chrome problem on my laptop…


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