Winter Bag Handmade Journal


Hi, here I am again!

Today I am sharing a handmade journal that I’ve made using the ‘Vintage Winter Journal Set‘ from The Art & Craft Therapy Room. This kit is now on sale!

And again, for this journal I have used only the digital kit, book pages, lined and computer paper dyed with food coloring. And yes, for the cover I’ve used the top part of a cat litter bag painted with shoe polish.


Dying the paper with the food coloring and the paper dried in the electric heating! Shhhh this thing stains.



Using empty tea bags for mini envelopes. Silly me didn’t take a picture of the decorated one because it’s in the flip through video and after recording that one I packed the journal to mail it…


Getting the signatures ready.



Covers drying.


Front and back of the journal.



If you want to watch the flip through video head over to The Art & Craft therapy Room.

More to come soon!

In Love & Gratitude,


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