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Hey guys,

It’s been a while but here I am to share with you the latest news.

My life had a huge turn, my craft room is close for now. All my materials are packed and in a storage facility while I am travelling around Europe.

That doesn’t mean that I am not working with art because I am. I am the founder or The Art & Craft Therapy Room.

At the Art & Craft Therapy Room we have a blog, and if you would like to contribute please click here.

We also have a store that sells art materials. Yes, it has lots of room for improvement and we are working really hard on it. I am also working on two more projects alongside The Art & Craft Room so bear with me… We are also working on a way to create a charity to help people heal with art with part of the profits, but more on that project later on.

So, if you want to subscribe to our work, please click here. Oh! And don’t forget to like our Facebook page and share the love.

Thank you for your support.

In Love & Gratitude,


Secret Pieces ~ Handmade Journal

Hi everyone,

This was a journal that I’ve made for a swap.

I’ve made a video… Please be kind… The quality of the video doesn’t seem much better than the pictures… That’s the best I can do with the current conditions.

My pronunciation needs a big deal of improvement and I had to stop watching the thing so I could stop slapping myself in words such as ‘difference’ and ‘hugs’… Oh well, I could not record the all thing again to correct myself. Hopefully next time I’ll do better.

Front & back

003 004 018



002 002


First page

005 007


Next page 😀 same page different setting in the camera… I don’t know what to do!

008 006


More pages

007 008 009 010 011


Recycled envelopes for pockets.

014 015


Tuck spot mini envelopes.

016 017 018


More envelope pockets.

019 020



021 022 023


More places for writing. 





In Love & Gratitude,

Cheap Storage Set ~ Recycled boxes

Hello everyone and Happy 2017!

Storage and organisation doesn’t have to be expensive, at least for me and at this moment 🙂

I have been decluttering and purging since at least November, at some point my place looked like a war zone… anyway, it’s been a slow process but it is moving forward.

One of the problems that I have encountered since start making projects other than scrapbooking is how much space I need to keep up with all the different materials, especially when it comes to the recycling stuff. Because, I can throw the cardstock from the packagings out and then buy chipboard or I can save it and re-use it, and by now you all already know that I am recycling obsessed. It’s one of my ways to pay my rent on this amazing planet that provides us with everything for free and asks nothing in return, so what about a little respect?

However, I need to put a limit on how much stuff I keep otherwise when do you stop saving?

The thing is, at this moment I do not want to buy any fancy storage unit so, I got some boxes from the supermarket and because cheap storage doesn’t have to be ugly… I like mine pretty 😀  … anyway, I’ve decorated them to match my stencil binders and I love it!

Before & After.



Front and side.

024 027


Sorry for crappy lighting in this picture, different settings on my camera (the pictures I took before discovering the settings above)…



In Love & Gratitude,

My Goals ~ Handmade Journal

Hi, I’m on a roll 😀

I have been crafting a LOT and now I’m sharing some of the stuff with you, the other stuff I can only share after Christmas 😉 get me?

Making journals is a new and amazing thing. Dyeing the paper, dry it in the oven, fold it, stamping … If you haven’t already you HAVE to try it!

I was given a camera to start making Youtube videos but I don’t yet have the right set up for it, so instead of a flip through video, I leave you with a ton of pictures. Enjoy 🙂

086033 036 041 043 046 047 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 058 059 060 061 063 064 065 066 068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075 076 077 079 080 082 089 090 101


I think that after this one you will hear from me only after Christmas. So have yourself a very Merry Christmas surrounded by your loved ones and filled with joy, peace and harmony.

In Love & Gratitude,


If you made it to here, please let me know if you too have these awesome notifications on your WordPress blog… It’s been like this for months, at the beginning, I thought it was my internet connection, now I no longer know…


Black & Gold ~ Shoe box recycled

Hello, again.

Here is a shoe box recycled. They make great storage solutions, believe me.

For this one, I glued kitchen paper towels for texture. Then gesso it with, painted with black acrylic paint and golden touches ( sorry, pictures don’t show the beauty of the golden touches).

Here are the pictures.

113 114 116 120 122 123


Oh, and I also made some tags to go with it 🙂

108 110


Until the next project, stay well 🙂

In Love & Gratitude,