Bonus Post ~ Handmade Soap Packaging

Hi there!

How was your Sunday? Mine? Well, I spent it making paper bags to package my handmade soap. These bags are so cute you could use them for so many different things! Your imagination is the limit ūüėČ



I started by cutting the paper to the size I needed, in this case 19cm x 19cm, then I scored and folded. You can find the video tutorial on Elaine’s blog. It might not seem the same project, but it is, I promise you. If you look closer there is a picture of a smaller bag similar to this one, and the different aspect has to do with the size.



Then I printed out my labels and cut them.



Inked the edges,



and glued them on the paper bags.



Time to stamp ūüôā



Punched out some mini flowers and lifted them up.

019@  022@


Now, this was the most time-consuming thing I have ever made. The attempts to get that string passing through that hole… I then used the red Sticky Strip to secure the string. After six bags I had to stop… I have time to finish the rest…



Testing the look of the tissue paper look.

041@ 044@


Blue is for the boys and pink for the girls.

055@  050@


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In Love & Gratitude,

Denise, xx

Bonus Post ~Handmade Soap Notes Binder~

I’m really enjoying making my binders. This time I made one for my handmade soap notes… Not sure if one is enough though.

When I was gathering the materials I wanted to make the¬†‚ÄúThe world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.‚ÄĚ bookmark, I was really struggling¬†to find the image of a book that I wanted to use. So, I talked with a friend on the subject and she was a sweetheart when she sent me, all the way from The Nertherlands,¬†the images that I used on this binder. My first idea was to see if I could use them on my bookmarks before buying these stamps. Well, I can’t because the images are too big for the bookmarks, nonetheless, I found a great way of using them.


SAM_4740@  SAM_4742@  SAM_4746@


SAM_4729@  SAM_4733@


I even made the dividers. I found this awesome tutorial¬†on YouTube, and for someone like me who doesn’t own any file tab punch, this tutorial just opened the door to infinite possibilities, and I love that!

SAM_4768@  SAM_4773@

SAM_4777@  SAM_4779@


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Denise, xx

Bonus Post ~My Handmade Bookmarks Notes Binder~ Update

You know what? I guess I don’t deal very well with my own mistakes. And I can’t have peace until I fix, mend, or in this case cover them up!

I already knew that this piece was a piece of crap, but I was in a rush and needed a place to organise my notes. I hate disorganisation and I’m a lazy perfectionist, meaning I like to get things well done at the first… Well, sometimes I try to accept my mistakes… Not for long! ¬†I guess that I always end up with a solution instead of an acceptance for a bad thing… And the thing about paper craft is that there are no mistakes. A new layer of paper covers it all up!

I kept this mistake for the wrong reasons. Liking one part was never enough for me, and looking at the word bookmarks without the K… That was really killing me!

Anyway, I’m over it already! And with a new layer of paper, my binder not only have the missing letter in its place, as it is as I wanted it to be to¬†begin¬†with.





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As always,

In Love & Gratitude,

Denise, xx

Bonus Post ~Handmade Gift Set Giveaway~

Hello everyone,

Denise here with something very special! Yep a giveaway.

Would you like to win one of my handmade gift sets? Bookmark included. Get over my Handmade Soap Facebook Like page,¬†like my page and the giveaway post, comment on it ¬†and share it! That’s it, easy peasy.

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Okay folks,
Let’s balance the giving and receiving energy.

What I have on offer for you is ONE GODDESS GIFT SET, that includes:
1 bar of soap with the form of a swirl.
1 pack of solid sugar scrubs (the gift recipient can choose between Lavender or Rose scent)
1 bookmark

All items are handmade by me. Oh, and postage is also on me!

What do I ask in return?
Like, leave a comment on this post, and share my page. Soon I reach 500 likes I’ll be selecting one person to be the gift recipient.

The result will be announced on my Facebook page.


Goddess Gift Set@  Goddess@

In Love & Gratitude,
Denise. Xx

Bonus Post ~My Handmade Bookmarks Notes~

Hi there,

So, here it is another Bonus Post ūüėÄ

I made another binder, this time for myself. I was feeling really girly as I made the inside of this one. But the truth about it?

Okay. I was having an argument with a person and I was really mad, so I sat at my table trying to shift my energy. I had an idea on what I wanted to do with this one, but because I wasn’t really present I just started stamping… Every stamped image here is a mistake, an error. I didn’t mask some of the already stamped images before applying a new one. This is just a big mess!

I was able to shift my energy as started the distressing process, it was just such a therapeutic process! When I finished I loved the colours, and the distressing look of it, so I just left it to dry overnight.

I only came back to it two days later, and I still loved the general look of it. So, I ignored a bit the stamping part, and even though Scott Adams said that¬†“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.¬†Art is knowing which ones to keep.” I decided that I’m going to keep this mistake of mine.

Here are some pics.

SAM_4673@ SAM_4679@ SAM_4684@ SAM_4688@ SAM_4689@


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Denise, xx

Bonus Post ~ My Son’s Birthday Party ~

I’m glad I’m done with my son’s birthday party.

Last week when we were on our weakly shop, my husband came to me at the supermarket and showed me some little plastic trophies, I rolled my eyes and shook my head. When he asked to embellish them with my craft stuff, I wanted to scream. One of us was out of our minds, he for having the idea, or me for taking the time to work on it!

Well, I’ve tried to convince him to leave the clutter at the supermarket, but he kept on with his arguments that would be a cool thing… I looked at him, not sure I wanted to be the one having to do the work, and I just let it go. It must be a boyish thing!

Anyway, I made the invitations, envelope included.

SAM_4449@  SAM_4450@  SAM_4451@


And also¬†did as I was asked…

SAM_4614@  SAM_4616@


On Saturday¬†he asked me if I wanted something from the supermarket, I told him to bring some chocolates to put in the party bags. Then I remembered, he didn’t buy any bags! He looked at me, chocolates? What for?…Well, after I explained to him that it would be nice to pop some chocolates inside the bags (that I still had to make!) he agreed to bring some… Men can’t go shopping on their own! Sorry guys, it’s true. ¬†He couldn’t find the big tins of ¬†‘Quality Street’ I’ve asked for so, he bought a small box, and¬†also some bags of Easter eggs! If that wasn’t enough, he opened the kitchen’s cupboard, and said “We have some more here,” as he showed me the different boxes of chocolates he had bought already.

I told him that we would put the Easter eggs in the party bags and I would keep the ‘Quality Street’ box for myself. We want to offer some chocolate, not to intoxicate the kids ūüėõ

So, here are the bags I made. One A4 sheet per bag, some scoring (Score at 10,14,24,28cm at the short side, and 4cm at the long side), some gluing, stamping, and of course some punching.

Now, about the punching let me tell you something, I was truly¬†impressed with the Sampin’ Up! punch as this is a¬†315gsm card sheet, and when I punched it, I did it on both sides at the same time. This cardstock is so strong¬†that at one point I could not punch it with a Martha Stewart punch. Thumbs up for Stampin’ Up!

SAM_4617@ SAM_4618@

Why are the bags green? Because with my kid we always have to use all colours available, otherwise life gets boring…


When I asked to my son what did he want as a birthday gift this year, he said he was already so¬†grateful for his bowling party that we didn’t have to get him anything else. Besides, he didn’t want any toys, or even Legos… Again, must be a boyish thing not to consider Legos as toys… So, I asked him if I could offer him a book,he said yes straight away. As if we knew how to refuse a book being the bookworm he is!

We took him to WHSmith for him to choose the book he wanted (the two he had put on the shopping trolley at the supermarket didn’t count as birthday gifts!).

Already at WHSmith, as we passed the journals aisle, he stopped and grabbed a journal notebook saying he would like to have one. My brain lit up! I had just bought some ring binder mechanisms to make myself a few binders, so I thought I could make one for him and give him as a special little thing for his birthday.

Inspired by his¬†trait of using all coulors¬†available, this was the little something special that I made for my him. But not all went as I expected… And everything that could possible have gone wrong, went wrong.

It started all so well,

1@  2@  3@


Then I realised I had forgotten to do the stamping on the white background… after it was assembled… So, I thought I would cut some more paper, stamp it and then glue it on top… for some reason I grabbed some more of the¬†blue paper I had selected for¬†the inside, totally forgetting I wanted a white background, so I could stamp with as many bright colours I possible could.

4@  5@


As I stamped the feather (on the back) the stamp slid from my hand leaving a mark.

To finish the new cover I totally messed up the spine, inside and outside. Before was just too perfect :/


I had to come up with something to fix it, this was my idea ūüėÄ

7@ 8@

It still didn’t have the appearance I wanted, and I certainly didn’t want to start from scratch again, so I just covered it with Mod Podge.¬†It looks pretty good. And, of course, I had to throw in a handmade bookmark.



BTW he only picked three more books, and decided to spend a gift of ¬£50 he received… In a collection of six books!


Anyway, he loved the binder and read every single message I stamped on it, and the boys actually enjoyed the trophies after the game.


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Denise, xx


*Bonus Post is not a step by sep tutorial, and doesn’t have a specific day to be published. It’s just some random stuff that occurs in my life, and some how is related to¬†paper craft.