A Taste Of Portugal – Junk Journal

A Taste Of Portugal - Junk Journal

Hi there!

This is my first, literally, junk journal. It was made with supermarket publicity and another publicity booklet that I used as the surface… I had to remove the staples and sewed the pages  Can you tell that I am desperate?!

Well, let me tell you something, in the end, it turned out much better than any expectation I could possibly have. That is because I had none.  When you have nothing to lose you can do anything. That took away any fears of things going wrong and waste materials because all was just a bunch of rubbish!

And because Portugal for tourists is all about good weather, food, and drink… It turned out even better!

A Taste Of Portugal - Junk Journal

I hesitated between taking a bunch of pictures or making a flip-through video… But in the end, I felt lazy and went for the video. Leave a comment and tell me what is your preference. Do you prefer a bunch of pictures or a video?

Thank you for watching, liking, commenting and subscribing.

In Love & Gratitude,



Junk Journal Hunters Club February’s Challenge


I was invited to take part in the Facebook JJHC February’s Challenge. You can join the group here.

So, the challenge for me is actually huge because I have very little to use and it gets really tricky!

Once again, I had the mini digital kit provided by Penny, some book pages, cardstock and paper that I’ve dyed with… juiced grass diluted with water!

dying paper with grass dying paper with grass dying paper with grass

For this journal I used one of the papers cut in half to put in the front and back cover, used one of the circles from the embellishments page with 2 pieces of cardboard on the back to make height and use it as a button for the closure with a piece of golden thin ribbon and 3 signatures.

Junk Journal Hunters Club February's Challenge Junk Journal Hunters Club February's Challenge Junk Journal Hunters Club February's Challenge Junk Journal Hunters Club February's Challenge Junk Journal Hunters Club February's Challenge Junk Journal Hunters Club February's Challenge Junk Journal Hunters Club February's Challenge


Here is a flip through video… Enjoy the natural background sound because I am not speaking on this video.


In Love & Gratitude,


Winter Bag Handmade Journal


Hi, here I am again!

Today I am sharing a handmade journal that I’ve made using the ‘Vintage Winter Journal Set‘ from The Art & Craft Therapy Room. This kit is now on sale!

And again, for this journal I have used only the digital kit, book pages, lined and computer paper dyed with food coloring. And yes, for the cover I’ve used the top part of a cat litter bag painted with shoe polish.


Dying the paper with the food coloring and the paper dried in the electric heating! Shhhh this thing stains.



Using empty tea bags for mini envelopes. Silly me didn’t take a picture of the decorated one because it’s in the flip through video and after recording that one I packed the journal to mail it…


Getting the signatures ready.



Covers drying.


Front and back of the journal.



If you want to watch the flip through video head over to The Art & Craft therapy Room.

More to come soon!

In Love & Gratitude,

Secret Pieces ~ Handmade Journal

Hi everyone,

This was a journal that I’ve made for a swap.

I’ve made a video… Please be kind… The quality of the video doesn’t seem much better than the pictures… That’s the best I can do with the current conditions.

My pronunciation needs a big deal of improvement and I had to stop watching the thing so I could stop slapping myself in words such as ‘difference’ and ‘hugs’… Oh well, I could not record the all thing again to correct myself. Hopefully next time I’ll do better.

Front & back

003 004 018



002 002


First page

005 007


Next page 😀 same page different setting in the camera… I don’t know what to do!

008 006


More pages

007 008 009 010 011


Recycled envelopes for pockets.

014 015


Tuck spot mini envelopes.

016 017 018


More envelope pockets.

019 020



021 022 023


More places for writing. 





In Love & Gratitude,

My Goals ~ Handmade Journal

Hi, I’m on a roll 😀

I have been crafting a LOT and now I’m sharing some of the stuff with you, the other stuff I can only share after Christmas 😉 get me?

Making journals is a new and amazing thing. Dyeing the paper, dry it in the oven, fold it, stamping … If you haven’t already you HAVE to try it!

I was given a camera to start making Youtube videos but I don’t yet have the right set up for it, so instead of a flip through video, I leave you with a ton of pictures. Enjoy 🙂

086033 036 041 043 046 047 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 058 059 060 061 063 064 065 066 068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075 076 077 079 080 082 089 090 101


I think that after this one you will hear from me only after Christmas. So have yourself a very Merry Christmas surrounded by your loved ones and filled with joy, peace and harmony.

In Love & Gratitude,


If you made it to here, please let me know if you too have these awesome notifications on your WordPress blog… It’s been like this for months, at the beginning, I thought it was my internet connection, now I no longer know…


Goal Setting ~ Handmade Book


Today I am bringing you another project that uses recycled cardstock. Someone ate the burgers (not me, I am vegetarian) and I got the box. And no, there is no contamination because the burgers come wrapped in plastic.

This was a project on a rush as I needed this journal ASAP, if you are into energy you know what the 11:11 portal means, especially this year…


Anyway, enough of my nonsense 😉 and on with the project.

 002 008


Because I knew that I would be using patterned paper I only gessoed the edges, then I applied one layer of black acrylic paint, another layer of gesso and one layer of brown acrylic paint. And of course, the pattern paper.

004 003 007


I had some leftover coffee dyed paper from another project that I am working on, so this was just the perfect way to use it 😀  I stamped each page with distress inks.



I’ve made 5 signatures, added one pocket on the first page of each with a tag for journaling, and “butterflies on a string” in each signature.

009 012 014 015 022 023 025 029 030 032 037 040 045

This was great fun to do and as I have so more boxes I am thinking of making some more to add to my Etsy store… After I finish the project that I am working on plus finishing also some handmade Christmas gifts… Bring on the time!


In Love & Gratitude,

21-Day Gratitude Challenge ~ Booklet


It’s been a while since I last posted here but that doesn’t mean that I am not crafting 😉 just that life got in the way…

Today I would like to share with you some gratitude booklets that I made to add to my Etsy store.



21 pages, one per day with “hearts on a string” finish.

title middle


Elastic closure.

inside-back-cover back


I also added a bookmark but for the love of me I can’t get my camera to catch the purple, and the bookmark looks like blue 😦



Different button colours for choice.

black-button blue-button green-button pink-button-right-one purple-button


Do you practice gratitude? If not, next time that you feel like complaining grab pen and paper and write down 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for, you know that quote: “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” ~ Oprah Winfrey.

“Where thought goes energy flows”, you know this, right?


In Love & Gratitude,