Stencil Storage


After some research on the internet, I ended up deciding for the plastic protector sleeves as a method to store my stencils. Trouble was I could not find an affordable 3 ring binder to put my plastic sleeves. 3 ring binders are not easy to find in Europe so they tend to be overpriced. I buy the sleeves from the USA, and I was not willing to overpay for a binder just because. Instead, I used the cardboard of the packaging where the page protectors came and added a flap so I can use the binding screws and extension posts (I think they are also called Chicago screws but don’t quote me on that).

The best part of this system is that it doesn’t have a spine, so you can expand it as your collection does, no need for extra folders… Unless you are a maniac stencil obsess, in that case, maybe you would need more folders so you can carry them…

12×12 stencils

Front and back. It took only two pieces of cardstock and a flap secured with duck tape.

For the title, I used art tiles (made of recycled packaging from cat food)

002@  024@025@


The spine(less)

003@ 026@


I inked the stencil image on the piece of cardstock that goes inside, put a label on the outside of the sleeve with the name and brand, so that way I always know what name goes with which image, no more guessing when storing them after the use of a bunch of stencils on one project…



Each pack of plastic sleeves comes with a piece of chipboard that will serve to make the covers for my 6×6 and 8×8 binders.

How cool would it be if companies could think in packaging their products in a way that would also serve as a storage method? It would be a win-win for everyone… Just sayin’.


In Love & Gratitude,


Recycled Packaging ~ Mini Art Journal Cover

This was a packaging I received on the post with something inside. And as I have a big problem with too much waste on the planet, plus I don’t see the point of buying expensive stuff just to pay for the brand… I guess that, in fact, I am not much of a consumerist. Or I am just a rebel against the big corporations and refuse to play their game. Or… I am just me.

Anyway, I used this packaging to use it as storage for my ‘The Natural Path’ art journal and with this I call this journal done because I messed up and mixed themes that were for the other journal and vice-versa… The age, the age! Joking, it’s not the age…

003@ 012@011@


On that note, do you remember when I introduced myself as a hoarder? Well, let me walk you through my mind, just for a second… More than that and you would go crazy!



Okay, so first I have this packaging from Mother’s Day flowers. Clean, not too wrinkled, brown paper with a cute blue stripe, clear plastic. Like, a big sheet of it. I am assuming this plastic is non-toxic and will use it, someday, in a craft project so it doesn’t end up in the landfill site.



Then I received something I bought online and as I put it away I clear see a cover for a mini album, come on! You have to agree it’s just perfect, the only thing I need is to cover it with cute paper, other than that all work is already done for me. Cut, scored and banished.



First, the flowers packaging meets the other packaging for a first layer, otherwise the second one would look like… Cardboard.

And for now, it’s all I have for this one. It’s ready for the next layers and for the inside.

010@ 014@ 015@


This one will also end up as an art journal storage.

001@ 002@


The great thing about these little packagings, A5 size, is that they don’t even take too much space to store and they are ready to decorate.

007@ 009@


In Love & Gratitude,

DIY Craft Recipes Book ~ Recycled coffee boxes

As I was working on a project to store some bulky stamps, not having a clue of what I was doing, I ended up wasting a bunch of gel medium… I was a bit pissed off and had to go on YouTube to find some DIY gel medium recipes because… Because I am me 😀

I found more than I’ve bargained for, and also found a DIY for gesso; clear, white and black! And of course, the texture paste that I use already.

With the new recipes, I needed a place to keep them. Cute, of course. This project came together very quickly, and now I already have some more books in the waiting list 😉

I love recycling everything I can, the first reason being respect for the planet. The second because I am cheap 😛  But then, I’ve learnt from an artist I used to follow that the only thing we need is a surface, gesso and some paint. With that, anything can be altered. Why buy cardstock if I can re-use what I have instead of throwing it away? This is me.


002@ 004@ 006@ 009@



001@ 006@


Yep! It works.

007@ 008@ 009@


1.Surface. 2.Gesso. 3. Paint.

010@ 013@


Stencils and stamps.

16@ 24@ 21@


More paint and washi tape.

27@ 29@



30@ 32@


Front cover.

36@ 37@


Back cover.






Closure & DONE!

44@ 48@ 002@


In Love & Gratitude,

Pink Case ~ Recycled Shoe Box

This shoe box landed on my hands at the perfect time, I was working on another but it was too small for what I wanted, so I used the same crackle technique I had used in the previous one using the cheap PVA glue from the supermarket. It took some learning curve as the glue has to dry flat or it will drip and make huge craters instead of cracks, but I like the results.

From this:



To this:

019@ 021@ 020@ 023@ 029@


I also made some tags to go with this box. Some people buy pre-cut tags, I save the merchandise ones and re-use them. Thank goodness for gesso and acrylic paint!

109@ 043@ 044@


In Love & Gratitude,

Distressed Brown Luggage ~ Shoe box recycled


This was a project on the To Do list for a very long time. It’s finally done.
Shoe boxes are a great storage solution, and storage doesn’t have to look boring, at least not if you can use it as an excuse to have fun. I had so much fun decorating this one that I am already decorating another one.

009@ 010@ 014@ 020@ 023@


In Love & Gratitude,

“Lose what needs to be lost…” ~ Art Journal


If you are a health junky like me you sure didn’t miss the Wellness-Summit 2016. One of the days was the inspiration for this page, we all could lose what needs to be lost to find what needs to be found.



Materials used:
  • Dylusions paint
  • Distress paint
  • Distress ink
  • Embossing ink & clear embossing powder
  • Stencils: ‘Tiles’ (by TH)
  • Die-cut: ‘Hardware findings’ (by TH)
  • Stamps: ‘It is written’ (by Bo Bunny)
  • Quote & image of the letter e with the keyhole are from the Wellness-Summit 2016
  • Emotion definition is from here


In Love & Gratitude,